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Fly Further, Faster, and
with more Payload

Blown-Lift technology will revolutionize defence aviation

Explore the benefits with the
Amonyx Wing Technology

The right features for the right mission.

Our technology will increase the payload capacity and/or decrease runway length requirement over conventional technologies.

To further explore the features of our technology click the categories below:


Increase payload
significantly without
increasing runway requirements

Up to 100% payload increase* with no additional runway length or speed required.

Extended Range

A plane with a high payload capacity can carry more fuel, giving it an extended range. This can be decisive in operations where the aircraft needs to fly long distances, such as to deliver supplies or to perform surveillance

Improved Capacity

Our technology delivers increased payload capability can carry more units and equipment, This can be a strategic advantage in operations where high unit numbers or equipment needs to be moved, such as to deploy personel or for humanitarian missions

More Sensor Equipment

When a aircraft can carry more sensor equipment, it means greater superiority and situational awareness. This can be decisive in missions where information gathering is essential


A 35 ton typical transport aircraft has a normal payload  of about 20 tons .

With our new wing technology Amonyx can significantly increase the payload by at least 100% to at least 40 tons. This obviously requires a new aircraft design


In general, an aircraft with more payload would be more efficient and versatile than an aircraft with less payload. The increase in payload makes it an extremely valuable asset to the Defence


True Loitering

Stop wasting time by flying in circles and start
monitoring target areas more effectively.

Improved Surveillance

True Loitering can be used to monitor an area of interest from a near stationary point, which can give the operator an advantage. This can improve monitoring in difficult environments like urban areas, forrests and hilly terrain

Improved Situational Awareness

Elliminate blind spots in your Operations Area. By swarming "eyes in the sky" aircrafts with True Loitering capabilities you improve your situational awareness significantly

Increased Flexibility

Loitering can be used to perform a variety of different tasks, giving aircraft greater flexibility. This can be critical in operations where aircraft need to be able to handle a variety of different tasks, such as delivering supplies, conducting surveillance, or assisting rescue operations


Overall, better loitering gives you a number of advantages that can contribute to your success on your mission


Shorter Runway

Reduce the runway need by up to 75%*

Larger Aircrafts on Shorter Runways

Runways not designed for large aircraft can suddenly be used. This gives them the ability to operate closer to the operational areas, which gives you an advantage in missions.

Example: A large transport aircraft with normal runway need of 550 meters, can take-off on only 137 meters*

Operate from Smaller AOC's

Enable operations from a much wider range of AOC's so that deployment can take place closer to the Operational Areas. This reduces time-loss on ground transport and makes time to engagement much quicker

Reduced Vulnerability

Aircraft that can take off from short runways are easier to protect against air defense systems in war zones, as the Airspace Control area they need to cover is significantly smaller than with longer runways


Cutting speed in half
during takeoff and landing

A 50% reduction in speed yields many benefits. At take-off alone (0-50ft), energy consumption is reduced by 20%*

Here is an overview of some of the benefits:

Improved Fuel Economy

Aircrafts that can take off and land at lower speeds are more fuel-efficient, which reduces the operating costs - making them overall more profitable

Environmentally Friendly

Fuel combustion is the largest source of CO2 emissions from aircrafts, so by reducing fuel consumption will contribute to reducing the environmental impact

Longer Range

By reducing fuel consumption, aircrafts can fly further on a single tank. This can make the aircraft more versatile and can also contribute to expanding the possibilities for air travel

Improved Maneuverability

Aircrafts that can take off and land at lower speeds are more maneuverable, which makes them more effective on missions

Improved Safety

Aircrafts that can take off and land at lower speeds are less likely to be involved in incidents resulting in injuries or material damages. Also they have a lower stall speed which improve safety

Lower Noise

Aircrafts with our technology will be more quiet, which is an advantage onboard and would be less disruptive for residents near AOC's


Greater endurance gives you
four times longer flightime*

With 50% drag reduction in all stages (take-off/travel/landing) you become more effective in operations and can perform a wider range of missions

Increased Range

Aircrafts with higher endurance can fly farther without refueling, allowing them to cover a larger area. This is especially important for aircrafts used for patrolling or surveillance, as it allows them to keep an eye on a larger area for longer periods of time

Longer Missions

With our technology aircrafts will have a higher endurance to perform longer missions, allowing them to stay in the air for longer periods of time. This is especially important for surveillance aircrafts and for transport aircrafts

Increased Coverage

Aircrafts with higher endurance can cover a larger area without the need to abort for refueling. This is especially important for surveillance aircrafts, as it allows them to stay in the air longer without interruption


Significantly reduced
fuel consumption

Save up to 75% on fuel (normal speed)*
Great for the environment, great for your budget!

Increased Range

Fly longer distances without refueling, which allows you to cover a larger area. This is especially important for patrolling or surveillance, as you can monitor a larger area for a longer period of time

Longer Missions

Aircrafts with our technology have longer range and can perform longer missions, as they can stay in the air for a longer period of time. This is especially important for aircrafts used for transport or supply, as it allows them to deliver more supplies or transport more units over longer distances

Saving Money

Reduced fuel consumption saves the operator money on fuel bills. Since this feature is inherited in our technology it is "budget-friendly" to the operator

Reduced Environmental Impact

Reduced fuel consumption is less harmful to the environment. It also helps to reduce its carbon footprint
* The indicated benefits are based on our wind tunnel data. The wind tunnel tests were performed in a accredited test center in Denmark. The tests were conducted on a full-scale wing segment. The indicated performance is therefore only true for the wing. The performance for the full system must therefore be expected to be lower.

How it works

Our Patent-Pending Augmented Lift Technology improves the aircraft lift capability and significantly reduces drag